The lead times for the iPhone 13 turned out to be higher than the iPhone 12 a year ago – this is either high demand or a shortage

At the end of this week, new Apple smartphones will arrive in stores, while Bank of America experts are still trying to predict demand for various models of the iPhone 13 family, focusing on data on the waiting times for deliveries at different sites. So far, the lead time is longer than that of its predecessors, but this may be due not only to high demand, but also to a shortage of components.

Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

At least at the quarterly reporting event, Apple representatives expressed concern that the shortage of components could affect iPhone production, although so far it has mainly affected iPads and MacBook mobile computers. As of the beginning of the week, analysts say Bank of america, iPhone 13 series smartphones are expected to exceed their predecessors in a comparable life cycle.

The older models of the iPhone 13 family will have to wait a couple of weeks longer than their predecessors a year ago. Approximately two-thirds of the range of younger versions of the iPhone 13 should be expected for more than a week, while in the case of the debut of the iPhone 12, this share reached a quarter of the range. The most affordable variants of the iPhone 13 with 128 GB of memory will have to wait the longest, as experts say.

According to the authors of the report, by September next year, Apple will be able to sell about 210 million iPhones of all models, while about 40 or 50 million of this amount will be sold in China. The situation in the local market can be spoiled by the growing nationalist sentiments, which can reduce the sales of Apple smartphones by up to 10%, which corresponds to 4-5 million devices, or $ 4 billion in monetary terms. The restrictions imposed by the Chinese authorities on the distribution of video games may at the same time negatively affect Apple’s revenue from the sale of gaming applications through the proprietary ecosystem.

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