The latest patch for Horizon Forbidden West fixes issues with

The latest patch for Horizon Forbidden West fixes issues with quests, music playback, and the combat system

Developer of guerrilla games released a patch with order index 1.09 for the action-adventure Horizon Forbidden West. The update fixes bugs in the story and side quests, fixes some music playback issues, and makes changes to the balance of the combat system.

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Patch 1.09 fixes an issue that prevented players from seeing 100% completion after completing all main and side missions in Horizon Forbidden West.

The developers also worked hard to fix some typos and remove the possibility for the player to run away from the boss fight on a mount.

Recall that the previous patch for Guerrilla Games’ adventure action game was released in early March. The update includes story missions, activities, photo mode and more.

Horizon Forbidden West was released on February 18, 2022 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In a review for 3DNews, Alexey Likhachev gave the game the highest score, noting that it did “deserves a place in the pantheon of the best PlayStation exclusives”.


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