The latest Deathverse Let It Die development diary showed the

The latest Deathverse: Let It Die development diary showed the gameplay and warned of a major announcement

Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment and Studio Supertrick Games submitted the final, fourth development diary of the shareware multiplayer action film Deathverse: Let It Die.

    Image Credit: GungHo Online Entertainment

Image Credit: GungHo Online Entertainment

In the five-minute video, Uncle Death sneaks into Supertrick Games’ office again, this time allowing him to try out Deathverse: Let It Die in person. The video demonstrates the gameplay of the project.

With the guidance of Deathverse: Let It Die director Shin Hideyuki, Uncle Death manages to complete the tutorial section, engage in combat, and show viewers new weapons.

In addition to Deathverse: Let It Die gameplay, the development diary includes a warning about an important announcement related to the game, which will be released next week. Maybe the project will finally get a release date.

Officially, Deathverse: Let It Die is expected to release later this spring on PS4 and PS5. Players become participants in a survival reality show and compete with other users for viewers’ love.

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