The large scale PvE mode that Overwatch 2 was launched for

The large-scale PvE mode that Overwatch 2 was launched for was canceled – Blizzard introduced a replacement

When Blizzard announced the sequel in November 2019, the main differentiator of Overwatch 2 compared to the first part was a large-scale PvE mode with cooperative heroic missions and a pumping system. Well, plans have changed.

    Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

When Overwatch 2 entered Early Access, it only included the PvP component, while the promised PvE mode wasn’t expected until 2023. As a result, he is not released at all, Blizzard him cancelled.

PvE development was more difficult than expected for the team. Jared Neuss, executive producer of Overwatch 2 explained: “We cannot implement the original PvE vision shown in 2019.”,

Project lead Aaron Keller underscored the difficulty of the decision the studio had to make: continue working on the PvE mode (“No End in Sight”) or reduce the PvE component of Overwatch 2.

As such, all that’s left of the promised Overwatch 2 PvE mode is separate missions with intro cutscenes, co-op, and a storyline that furthers the game’s overall narrative. The quests will debut in Season 6 (begins in August).

Current roadmap for Overwatch 2 were presented on the updated table (attached above). Season 6 will also feature a new support hero and Flashpoint mode, while Season 5 will bring the Questwatch event and Summer Games.

In the further plans of Blizzard (late autumn) – the seventh season: a new tank hero, a map for “Control”, a crossover event with its own mode, a revision of Roadhog and Sombra.

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