The Kaos Engines add on to the tactical strategy game

The Kaos Engines add-on to the tactical strategy game Phoenix Point has a new trailer and a release date of March 1st

Led by X-COM creator Julian Gollop, Snapshot Games and Saber Interactive Minsk announced the release date of the Phoenix Point tactical strategy add-on Kaos Engines (formerly Chaos Engines).

Image source: Snapshot Games

Image source: Snapshot Games

Keep in mind that Kaos Engines was originally expected to be released before the end of 2021, but has been pushed back to Q1 2022 with the release of Phoenix Point’s development plan for the coming months.

It has been announced that Kaos Engines will be available on March 1st this year for all Phoenix Point target platforms. The addon will be available for $5. Season Pass owners do not need to purchase the expansion.

With the release of Kaos Engines, the Kaos Syndicate is added to the Phoenix Point campaign, featuring a customizable vehicle (buggy), five weapons, and four missions.

Phoenix Point is available on PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Google Stadia. Average strategy rating metacritical is 74 out of 100%.


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