The journalists showed the new gameplay of Elden Ring and

The journalists showed the new gameplay of Elden Ring, and the parent company FromSoftware was happy about the pre-orders

Yesterday, February 10, the ban on publishing preliminary reviews of role-playing action in the open world Elden Ring fell. Press materials (including those from 3DNews) were compiled based on the results of 6-7 hours of play and in some cases included clips of new gameplay footage.

Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

As part of their acquaintance with the new creation of FromSoftware, journalists were not limited to exploring the game world, but it was impossible to record the process. In connection with this, Bandai Namco Entertainment provided all participants of the sessions with the same video with a selection of scenes from the Elden Ring.

So, in the video versions of Elden Ring previews from various portals (for example, from IGN below) you can see the Stormveil Castle known from the beta and the Limgrave region, places, enemies and situations that have not been shown before – like a mysterious Image already discovered by players.

As for the textual material, the journalists not only reported on their adventures in Limgrave, but also in the region Caelid Wilds with red sky, underground Eternal Cityas well as to visit hold round table (NPC meeting point), Ways to bypass Stormvale (story dungeon) and charge into the next region.

Also blogger Mordecai noticedthat the Japanese holding company Kadokawa Corporation, owned by FromSoftware, financial report after the results of the third quarter of the current financial year, he mentioned the pre-release achievements of Elden Ring. The company was particularly pleased with the volume of pre-orders for the game.

Earlier, Bandai Namco Entertainment, which publishes Elden Ring worldwide, mentioned that it expects to sell 4 million copies of the project by the end of the current fiscal year. That is, a little over a month: the game’s release is scheduled for February 25, while the reporting period ends on March 31.

Elden Ring is being developed for PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Users in the role of “The Obliterated” must reclaim the Interearth, where the events of the game take place, from six demigods who have taken possession of ancient runes – fragments of the prized Elden Ring.


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