The Israeli company has improved the Tesla 4680 battery – now it can fully charge in 10 minutes

Israeli company StoreDot has announced a battery for electric vehicles that can be fully charged in just 10 minutes. The battery is made in the 4680 form factor (46 mm in diameter and 80 mm in height), which is standard for Tesla.

Source: bgr.com

Source: bgr.com

In January, StoreDot announced the development of prototype batteries that, when charged for 5 minutes, provide an electric vehicle with a range of 160 km. Prototypes were created to address various potential stakeholders, and it was reported at the time that such batteries would take several years to come to market. The company has now officially announced a 4680 battery capable of fully recharging in 10 minutes.

The developer clarifies that the technology used in this project can be adapted for various batteries, including solutions for smartphones. The development took three years, and the technologies underlying it are described in five patents. These solutions, as stated by the manufacturer “increase the rate of accumulation of charge, and also solve the safety and performance problems usually associated with the rigid structure of cylindrical cells“.

High-speed charging is supported by the use of organic and inorganic components in the lithium-ion battery. Instead of graphite, the anode uses nanoparticles of metalloids such as silicon, which increases safety, increases durability and prevents the blistering effects of fast charging.

StoreDot is currently working with Eve Energy to launch production lines in China. So far, nothing has been reported about which automakers will take advantage of the decision, but some brands are already being consulted. The StoreDot 4680 is not expected to start mass production until 2024 at the earliest.

The Israeli company continues to work on fast battery charging technologies, with NASA-sponsored experiments on the ISS planned for the next phase. The permission for them was received in May.


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