The island nation of Tuvalu will create a copy of

The island nation of Tuvalu will create a copy of itself in the metaverse to preserve the culture

According to some estimates, by the end of the century the average temperature on the planet will increase by 2.8 ° C, which will lead to a rise in the level of the world oceans and, as a result, flooding of many areas. Authorities in the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu said they had no choice but to create a digital copy of the country in virtual space.

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The day before, Foreign Minister Simon Kofe said Tuvalu needs to enter the metaverse to preserve its culture and history in the face of rising sea levels. “Our country is disappearing and we have no choice but to become the world’s first digital nation. Our land, our ocean, our culture are our people’s most valuable assets. And so they don’t go away no matter what happens in the physical world, we’re going to move them to the cloud.”— said the politician at the international climate summit COP27.

Speaking to attendees standing knee-deep in seawater at last year’s COP26 summit, Mr Coffee stressed the existential threat that climate change poses to island nations like Tuvalu. Now he’s saying that if the whole world doesn’t act now, then these countries must move into the metaverse.

Tuvalu is an archipelago of nine islands between Australia and Hawaii. The country’s population is 12,000 people. According to climate researchers, the whole country could be under water by the end of the 21st century.


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