The iPhone 14 Pro Max is no longer the leader

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is no longer the leader in download speed from the internet – it was immediately overtaken by some Android smartphones

Last fall, immediately after the release of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, in Ookla tests it showed the highest average speed when downloading files from the Internet and withstood very serious competition. But Apple’s flagship recently lost its crown. It was beaten by two Android smartphones from Google and Samsung.

    Image source: 9to5mac

Image source: 9to5mac

Ookla, a company known for its internet connection speed tests, recently published another mobile device performance report, which shows the average download and upload speeds for a specific smartphone model, latency, consistency and availability across all major Compares providers in the United States.

While the iPhone 14 Pro Max ranked first in the US in the third quarter with an average download speed of 147 Mbps and an average upload speed of 17 Mbps, the situation changed in the fourth quarter. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 took first place with an average download speed of 147.24 Mbps, while the Google Pixel 7 Pro took second place with 137.11 Mbps. The iPhone 14 Pro Max took third place with 133.84 Mbps, while the iPhone 14 Pro hit 130.14 Mbps. Send speeds and latency were close, but the Pixel 7 Pro topped the list with 15.53 Mbps and 50ms latency. Another interesting result was that the averages of all Samsung smartphones outperformed all Apple gadgets by about 7 Mbps in terms of average download speed.

The intrigue is that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 won in the fourth quarter and showed the same result as the iPhone 14 Pro Max in the third. Average download speeds for the iPhone 14 Pro Max dropped from 147 Mbps to 133 Mbps, putting the Fold 4 and Pixel 7 Pro in first and second place respectively. One of the most likely explanations is that in the fourth quarter of 2023, a larger percentage of iPhone 14 Pro Max smartphones landed in areas with poorer network coverage, such as the United States. B. in rural and remote areas. In other words, during the first sales, the share of iPhone 14 Pro Max users could be higher due to the dominance of buyers from big cities, where the quality of coverage of all telecom operators is higher.

Though the race for top download speeds has changed, all of the top smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and Google deliver average speeds of at least 125 Mbps, according to Ookla.


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