The iPhone 12 was found to have too much radiation

The iPhone 12 was found to have too much radiation and was banned from sale in France – now Apple is facing a recall of all iPhone 12s sold

French National Frequency Agency (Agence Nationale des Frequencies, ANFR) announced about a temporary ban on sales of the Apple iPhone 12 in the country due to exceeding the established standards for electromagnetic radiation. As the Minister Delegate for Digital Transformation and Telecommunications of the Republic Jean-Noël Barrot said in an interview with Le Parisien, a corresponding notice has been sent to the iPhone manufacturer.

“The National Frequency Agency is asking Apple to recall the iPhone 12 from the French market from September 12, 2023, after finding that the model exceeds the specific absorption rate (SAR) limit – a measure of the electromagnetic field energy present in the human body Body tissue is absorbed in one second, which is used to measure the harmful effects of cell phones on humans). ANFR directs Apple to make every effort to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. “Otherwise, Apple is obliged to recall all devices that have already been sold,” it is quoted as saying TASS Notification text.

The iPhone 12 reportedly has a SAR value of 5.7W per 1kg, with an acceptable limit of 4W per 1kg. According to Barro, this is a slight excess. He pointed out that Apple has two weeks to eliminate the excess – a software update is enough.

“If this does not happen, I intend to order a recall of the iPhone 12 already in circulation. – said Barro. — The rules are the same for everyone. The state will not compromise. Every company must comply, and Apple is no exception.”

The official added that ANFR will report its findings to other European Union member states.. “In practice, this decision could have a snowball effect” written down He.

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