The introduction of mandatory two factor authentication helped Google reduce the

The introduction of mandatory two-factor authentication helped Google reduce the number of account hacks by 50%.

Google has been offering users the ability to turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) for a very long time, but in 2021 alone, the company announced it would enable the feature by default for 150 million users. The solution turned out to be very successful: according to company statistics, the number of hacks of accounts participating in the project was halved.

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Image source: 377053/

“In 2021, we automatically enabled two-step verification for more than 150 million people. As a result, the number of compromised accounts decreased by 50%.”Google said in a statement.

With two-factor authentication, you can protect access during authorization with one-time codes from SMS or a special application in addition to your account and password. Even if a hacker found out an account’s password and other details, it would be much more difficult for them to access it without special combinations of numbers and/or characters being sent to the user with each login attempt.

While it annoys many people to take extra security measures, it often really helps protect an account from intruders and gives them time to sound the alarm if someone tries to hack in. The possibility of hacking always remains, but in most cases information security experts recommend enabling this feature. It’s worth reiterating that Google stats only apply to accounts that have been automatically upgraded to more secure technology in the past year.


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