The Intel boss urged the US authorities to hand out

The Intel boss urged the US authorities to hand out subsidies for building companies in Ohio

US lawmakers are yet to approve the final version of the bill, which would allocate $52 billion in subsidies to setting up chip-making companies in the country. The Intel boss expressed concern about the delay because without government subsidies, the construction of a new complex in Ohio could either be delayed or scaled down.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

According to the Intel representatives mentioned CNBC, the groundbreaking for the two plants in Ohio will take place in the fall, although it was originally planned for this week. The company is ready to invest $20 billion to build two plants, but CEO Patrick Gelsinger in an interview Bloomberg said that in the future, 8 to 10 Intel companies could emerge in Ohio, and the amount of investment could grow to $100 billion. The company is not ready to fully meet this budget without government support.

The Intel chief, during his visit to Washington, urged lawmakers not to delay approval of a bill that would provide $52 billion to support companies building semiconductor manufacturing businesses in the United States. Some decisions would have to be made in the next two weeks and ideally the law should be given official status before August when MPs go on holiday. As a last resort, the law should be passed before the US midterm elections in November, when legislative activity will understandably freeze for a while. “I want to make this location the largest manufacturing and one of the most technologically advanced clusters in the world,” – Gelsinger described the prospects for the Ohio state territory earmarked for new business construction. It is assumed that in 2025 they will start work and release products made using Intel 18A technology, not only for the needs of the company itself, but also for its customers.

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