The Intel boss has debunked the rumors about the delay

The Intel boss has debunked the rumors about the delay in the development of 3nm class technologies

A popular Taiwanese resource in the outgoing week DigiTimes reported that Intel is delaying ordering 3nm components for its CPUs from TSMC until the fourth quarter of this year. CEO Patrick Gelsinger had to refute this information at an industry event.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

According to Patrick Gelsinger quoted by the resource Tom’s hardwarein full accordance with the schedule, the release of both the TSMC 3 nm products for Intel and its own components with Intel Technology 3 is being prepared: “All 3nm programs are on schedule as at TSMC and our own Intel 3 used for granite rapids and Sierra Forest in particular”. On the way, the Intel boss expressed his dismay at the frequency and persistence of such rumours. According to him, similar rumors about the Intel 4 process technology, as well as other programs of interaction with TSMC, appeared some time ago, but at that time they were not true.

In this remark, Gelsinger mentioned server processors from Granite Rapids and Sierra Forrest, which should be manufactured independently by the company using Intel 3 technology, which in its characteristics is close to the 5nm process technology in the interpretation of the same TSMC. Granite Rapids processors contain high-performance cores, while Sierra Forrest is aimed at improving energy efficiency and therefore only contains economical cores.

Regarding cooperation with TSMC, at the moment it is known that Intel will receive chips with a graphics subsystem for Meteor Lake processors, which will be made on N3 technology, from a Taiwanese contractor. Intel said in January that it would introduce Meteor Lake consumer processors before the end of this year.

Arrow Lake processors were to become their successors, offering a die with cores made with Intel’s own 20A technology and a die with a graphics subsystem made by TSMC with N3E technology, which is more advanced than N3. The processors of this family are expected to appear next year.

“Therefore, there are no changes in these programs. Clear adherence to plan in the client, server and graphics segments. We also involve customers in our own contract business. That said, I’m pleased that we’ve managed to overcome many of the problems in the performing discipline. You know, these rumours, like many others, will be debunked by our clear action.” Patrick Gelsinger spoke confidently about this whole situation.

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