The insider revealed which Call of Duty will continue through

The insider revealed which Call of Duty will continue through the next game from the creators of Vanguard, WWII and Advanced Warfare

Ralph Valve, an insider who has confirmed its value through previous leaks from the WhatIfGaming portal uncovered the essence of the next project of the studio Sledgehammer Games, known for the Call of Duty series.

    Image Source: Steam (Stan)

Image Source: Steam (Stan)

The fact that the writers of Vanguard, WWII, and Advanced Warfare picked up their new Call of Duty was told by another insider, Tom Henderson, in April, but he didn’t share any details of the project at the time.

Before launching Vanguard, the writers at Sledgehammer planned several Vanguard sequels, according to Valva, but lower-than-anticipated sales forced the team to think in a different direction.

    Image source: WhatIfGaming

Image source: WhatIfGaming

As a result, Sledgehammer suggested that Activision bid farewell to the Vanguard era and WWII and return to the sci-fi world of Advanced Warfare.

Faster than its mundane counterparts in the series, Advanced Warfare shook up the well-known Call of Duty formula with gameplay innovations like exoskeletons that gave players tangible bonuses.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Advanced Warfare is set in a future world where private military companies have become the dominant force. The role of the founder of the greatest of them (and the main villain) is played by Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey).

According to Valve (and Henderson before him), the sequel to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will not be released until 2025. Rumor has it that 2024 is reserved for the new Treyarch game, leaving 2023 without a Call of Duty number.

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