The inclusion of TON in Telegram brought it into the

The inclusion of TON in Telegram brought it into the top ten largest cryptocurrencies

The appearance of the TON Space wallet in the Telegram messenger contributed to the increase in quotes for the Toncoin cryptocurrency – it approached the $ 3 mark and entered the top ten digital assets with the largest market capitalization, ahead of Solana in this indicator .

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Last week, the TON Space wallet appeared on Telegram, designed for transferring the Toncoin cryptocurrency directly in the messenger application. The wallet is already available to all Telegram wallet users and as of November, 800 million people around the world will be able to use it by selecting the appropriate option in the settings. This news had a positive impact on Toncoin’s performance.

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In December last year, Toncoin managed to reach a record price of $2.97 – since then, the cryptocurrency has been causing a lot of excitement among traders, for example on June 10, when it fell to a minimum value of $1.02. The TON Space crypto wallet on Telegram was announced on September 13th and already on September 15th Toncoin broke the downward trend. The digital asset is now trading at around $2.50 and its market capitalization has reached $8.62 billion – according to this indicator, it is among the ten largest cryptocurrencies in the world.

However, market experts still advise not to place too high hopes on Toncoin: technical indicators suggest that the cryptocurrency will rise to around $ 2.77 in the current wave, although further growth cannot be ruled out – possibly Record value of $2.97 repeated or even reached the psychological mark of $3.00.


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