The hit mobile optical illusion puzzle game Monument Valley will

The hit mobile optical illusion puzzle game Monument Valley will be coming to PC in 2022

The popular mobile puzzle game Monument Valley with optical illusions and impossible shapes comes to PC. About this in an interview reports Jennifer Estaris (Jennifer Estaris), who is leading the development of the third part of the series at the London studio Ustwo Games.

Image Credit: Ustwo Games

Image Credit: Ustwo Games

Estaris said that the idea of ​​releasing Monument Valley on PC arose during the experiments that began after the release of the second part. Trying to find a balance between familiar mechanics and new solutions, the team created a new version of the first game, perfectly suited for computers.

A PC release is planned for 2022. More precise dates are not known.

Ustwo is currently working on Monument Valley 3 but is in no hurry to release it. Estaris hinted that the game will focus on global climate change. The game designer recalled that the developers addressed environmental issues in The Lost Forest for Monument Valley 2, which was released in October 2021. The adventure Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, which was distributed according to a special program, was also dedicated to the theme of nature conservation: the authors promised to plant a tree for every download. ustwo planted over a million trees as part of this campaign.

In Monument Valley, players navigate a world filled with impossible figures and optical illusions as they attempt to escape a maze. The project’s lead designer and artist, Ken Wong, was inspired by the indie games Fez, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and Windosill, and journalists compared the puzzle to the work of Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher.

The original Monument Valley was released for iOS and Android in 2014 and for Windows Phone in 2015. The puzzle received many rave reviews from the press (average score per metacritical – 89/100) and a number of prestigious awards. The project won Best iPad Game of the Year (Apple Design Awards), Best Mobile or Portable Game (BAFTA Games Awards and Game Developers Choice Awards), and Outstanding Artistic Achievement (DICE Awards). Critics praised the game’s design, sound and graphics, attention to detail, and the game’s relaxing atmosphere. Despite the high percentage of pirated software on Android, in early 2015 sales exceeded 2.4 million copies, and in June 2018 the creators reported about 30 million downloads.

Monument Valley 2 was released for iOS and Android in 2017. It was also received very positively by the media (Rating on metacritical – 83/100) and won awards (including “Best Mobile Game” according to The Game Awards). By September 2019, the cumulative sales of the two parts overcome Threshold of 80 million copies (at the beginning, the second one was offered for free in China). Shortly before, the developers announced the start of work on the third game.



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