The historical action game Yakuza Ishin will see the light

The historical action game Yakuza Ishin will see the light of day in the west – in the form of a remake for PC and consoles

Publisher Sega and developer Ryu Ga Gotoku as part of the September issue of State of Play announced Like a dragon: Ishin! – a remake of the historical action game Yakuza Ishin, previously never released outside of Japan.

    Image source: Sega

Image source: Sega

Like a dragon: Ishin! will unfold in the 1860s on the territory of Kyo – a fictional version of Kyoto – with the participation of heroes known from the main parts of Yakuza, playing the characters of the era in the spin-off.

The original Yakuza Ishin and its reinterpretation tell of the end of the samurai era. The main character is Sakamoto Ryoma (Kazuma Kiryu), who is credited with overthrowing the shogunate and initiating a radical reformation of Japan.

They promise four deadly fighting styles (including sword and revolver), absurd finishing moves (for example, with a tiger’s call), “Exquisite Minigame Content” and graphics on Unreal Engine 4 (for the first time in the studio’s history).

Release of Like a Dragon: Ishin! expected in February 2023 on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Sega advises not to miss today’s broadcast from the developers – the audience is waiting “special surprise”.

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