The head of TikTok spoke about the Project Texas program

The head of TikTok spoke about the Project Texas program – it will save the platform from US claims

The head of TikTok’s short video service, Shou Zi Chew, said the company is working on a program called Project Texas that aims to isolate US users’ sensitive data from the rest of the platform so that only US employees of the company can access that information be able.

    Image source: Mourizal Zativa /

Image source: Mourizal Zativa /

According to Mr. Chu, the project “extremely complex and expensive to implement”however, aims to solve the problems that the country’s authorities are talking about. “This is unprecedented. No other company has attempted this. I am sure that in the course of the detailed consultations that we will have, we will find a solution that can overcome the national security problems.”written down the boss of TikTok during his speech at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore.

The platform has come under fire over employees of China-based TikTok owner ByteDance accessing US users’ personal information. FBI Director Christopher Wray joined the call this week, expressing concern that Chinese authorities could affect the application containing millions of users’ personal data and recommendation algorithms.

The head of TikTok rejected the idea of ​​checking the citizenship of platform users to locate their data – the check would be based on location. The platform’s administration previously confirmed that Chinese employees have access to US citizens’ data. The American company Oracle deals with the localization of American users’ data and verification of the service’s algorithms. TikTok has also recently been accused of attempting to track the whereabouts of American citizens.

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