The head of the Project Eve development studio gave all the employees a PS5 gift after a successful screening of the game

Sometimes, after showcasing game projects, studio managers reward their employees for a successful show or participation in an event. This is often a corporate party or small gifts. But the developer of the action game Project Eve, shown at the recent PlayStation Showcase, has pleased the team with something big – the PlayStation 5. Each of the 260 people.

Source: Shift Up

Source: Shift Up

The “first trailer” of the action-adventure Project Eve was shown at the aforementioned event last week. The audience immediately noticed the similarity of the project with Bayonetta and NieR: Automata – not only because of the genre, but also because of the beautiful and strong heroine. The trailer made a lot of noise on the web, and therefore the CEO of Shift Up studio Hyung-Tae Kim (Hyung-Tae Kim) celebrated the success on a grand scale – gave all of his employees a PlayStation 5 (260 consoles in total). It came as a surprise to them.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Despite the name of the trailer, it’s not the first one. Project Eve was announced in 2019, which was accompanied by several screenshots and a video. And in 2020, a trailer was released, which showed a battle with the boss. However, the game has changed over the years. And perhaps strong enough.

In addition, Project Eve was originally supposed to be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and now the project is scheduled for release only on PC and PlayStation 5.

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