The head of NVIDIA is convinced that AI will awaken

The head of NVIDIA is convinced that AI will awaken the programmer in everyone

Already at the end of the quarterly report conference, it became clear that NVIDIA’s management expects to significantly increase the company’s revenues from the sale of components for artificial intelligence systems in the near future. At the opening of Computex 2023 the company boss explainedthat these technologies can turn literally anyone into a software developer.

    Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

“We have reached a turning point in a new era of computing. Each of us is now a programmer. You only have to say something to the computer, — the founder of NVIDIA Jensen Huang (Jensen Huang) explained the simplicity of the approach to solving problems in programming when using systems of generative artificial intelligence. In his opinion, the beginning of a new era in computing is marked by the emergence of opportunities previously inaccessible to mankind. From this point of view, a new level of development of artificial intelligence clearly indicates the beginning of a new era.

As NVIDIA’s permanent CEO added, the barrier to entry into the software engineering profession is now incredibly low and the so-called “digital divide” can finally be forgotten. The user-friendliness of suitable technologies determines the high pace of market development. According to the head of NVIDIA, artificial intelligence will change all sectors of the economy in one way or another. Jensen Huang also compared AI to “An incredible computer that is very easy to program”. He attributed this field of activity to goods and services and therefore recognized the need for government regulation in this market segment given the importance of the approach to ensuring security when using AI. He cited the search for new medicines and the study of climate change on the planet as the most promising areas of application for AI outside of the technical field.

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