The head of Epic Games called Apples innovations in the

The head of Epic Games called Apple’s innovations in the App Store an illegal garbage collection system

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, immediately responded about the innovations that Apple has offered to European users. In his opinion, the platform’s new rules represent an anti-competitive plan to circumvent new laws with dubious fees and are exemplary “Violation of the law”.

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Mr Sweeney said Apple’s new policy does not comply with the requirements of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) as the company forces developers to choose between traditional commission terms of 15% and 30% “the same illegal anti-competitive system, replete with new garbage fees and new taxes on payments they don’t process.”.

The term “junk fee” probably refers to a new payment method – the “core technology fee”. A commission of €0.50 is paid for each first annual installation of an application with an audience of more than 1 million users. This fee also applies to user installations of alternative app stores. And it’s not entirely clear what Sweeney means when he says Apple is “imposing new taxes on payments they don’t process.” According to the new rules, the commission for applications from the App Store will be reduced to 17%, and a 3% fee will be charged for transactions through the company’s payment system. Payments processed through alternative payment systems are not subject to tax.

At the same time, the head of Epic Games points out that the company will open its own game store for Android and iOS, but warns that Apple has reserved the right to decide whether to approve the new website or not.


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