The head of AMD has a wealth of more than

The head of AMD has a wealth of more than $1.1 billion due to the company’s success in the market

Shares of AMD, which for many years could lay claim to about a tenth of the processor market share, have long been surpassed in market value by shares of rival Intel, and therefore the head of the company, Lisa Su, who receives compensation from them, is gradually increasing her personal wealth. Estimated Forbesit now exceeds $1.1 billion.

  Image Source: AMD

Image Source: AMD

For Lisa Su, such a success story is important in the sense that she, as CEO of the company, took over the AMD business almost ten years ago in a much more deplorable state: until 2016, the company’s stock price fluctuated between $2 and $4. It ended the outgoing week at $172.48 per share, having more than doubled its strength over the previous 12 months. According to Forbes, Lisa Su owns approximately $700 million in shares of the company, and since 2016 she has sold them for a total of $400 million. However, the amount of $1.1 billion is only a rough estimate of her wealth, since the funds she receives for her work at AMD could invest with a certain return, and the position of a member of the board of directors of Cisco could bring her a certain income.

Rival NVIDIA is demonstrating much more impressive stock price dynamics, and the CEO of the company, Jensen Huang, who was at the origins of the company, has concentrated much more expensive assets in his hands. In November last year, his wealth was estimated at $40 billion, but now it has crossed far beyond $60 billion. The success story of Lisa Su is valuable in that she was able to bring the company she headed about ten years ago out of crisis, and in this sense, she got into Ranking 26th on the list of American women billionaires who “started from scratch” is a significant personal achievement.

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