The head of AI technology development for client processors moved

The head of AI technology development for client processors moved from Intel to AMD

AMD and Intel employees have long stopped pampering the press with high-profile precedents of the migration of valuable employees between direct competitors in the market of central processors and graphics cards, but with the publication CRN reported that a specialist who led the creation of a special unit within the Meteor Lake processors to accelerate the operation of artificial intelligence systems moved from Intel to AMD.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

Last month, John Rayfield served as Intel’s vice president and head of artificial intelligence client technologies, but his current position sounds the same “Corporate Vice President AMD on AI Silicon”. Strictly speaking, it’s not just the Meteor Lake processors co-developed by Rayfield that use special instruction sets to accelerate artificial intelligence. At the beginning of the year, AMD introduced the Ryzen 7040HS (Phoenix) mobile processors, which received an integrated Ryzen AI Engine accelerator. Intel Meteor Lake processors with ideologically similar functionality will hit the market only in December this year.

As CRN notes, Intel’s AI staff losses weren’t just limited to Rayfield’s departure. Kavitha Prasad, who led Intel’s AI strategy towards servers until July this year, then moved to the Amazon Web Services department. John Rayfield only took a leadership position at Intel in June last year, but already gave a talk this spring on the topic of introducing AI support into the company’s customer products. However, for the last three years he has been directly involved in the development of profile blocks for customer processors. It is believed that these Intel developments were based on technologies inherited from Movidius, which the processor giant acquired in 2016. Rayfield joined Intel in 2020; For just over a year he worked as technical director at the British company Imagination Technologies.

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