The Half Life 3 we need Devil May Cry 5 has

“The Half-Life 3 we need”: Devil May Cry 5 has received a crazy mod with characters, enemies and weapons from Half-Life 2

For the 2019 slasher Devil May Cry 5, Capcom unexpectedly released a strange mod, Devil May Crowbar, which replaces many elements of the game with analogues from Valve’s cult shooter Half-Life 2.

    Image source: Nexus Mods (Sparky1j)

Image source: Nexus Mods (Sparky1j)

As you can see from the trailer and screenshots attached below, the first thing you notice when watching Devil May Crowbar are the main characters:

  • Gordon Freeman – Dante;
  • Dr. Smaller – Nero;
  • Father Gregory – VI;
  • G-Man – Virgil.

Devil May Crowbar also features Alix Vance (Niko), her father Eli (Morrison), Judith Mossman (Trish), resistance soldiers, the robot Dog and other characters from Half-Life 2.

In addition to the characters, Devil May Crowbar also replaces many types of weapons with analogues from Half-Life 2 (the sword with the Crystal of Zen was created from scratch for Kleiner) and some enemies, adds voice acting for “new” heroes and mashups from two songs.

Devil May Crowbar was developed by modder Sparky1j with the support of a dozen assistants, artists and voice actors. You can download the mod along with Update 1.1 on the website Nexus mods.

In the comments on the release trailer, viewers praised Sparky1j for his monumental work, final quality and attention to detail. “The Half-Life 3 we need”– believes realreaper3.

Devil May Crowbar is probably the closest thing to Half-Life 3 that fans of the series will get in the coming years. According to blogger Tyler McVicker, Valve’s priority is not a Half-Life threequel.

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