The hacker who hacked the Euler crypto platform returned 175

The hacker who hacked the Euler crypto platform returned $175 million and apologized

An unknown cybercriminal who hacked the Euler decentralized finance platform apologized and returned the $175 million cryptocurrency, promising to return the remaining funds as soon as possible and saying he was delaying the payment out of fear for his safety.

    Image Source: Pete Linforth /

Image Source: Pete Linforth /

In mid-March, digital assets in DAI, WBTC, stETH and USDC for a total of $197 million were stolen as a result of the Euler Finance hack. The platform developers announced a $1 million reward for catching the hacker and started doing it correspond through transactions on the blockchain. At some point he began to return the stolen funds – according to the company PeckShieldto date, he has transferred $175 million in assets.

In the comments on the transactions, the hacker apologized for what happened and said he would return all the stolen funds. However, according to him, it will still take some time because he fears for his own safety. At the same time, the cybercriminal himself has already been targeted by other hackers, including the Lazarus Group, which has been linked to the largest cryptocurrency theft in history as a result of hacking the Ronin platform, when $625 million worth of assets were stolen became the game project Axie Infinity.

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