The Google search engine warns the user when it finds

The Google search engine warns the user when it finds their personal information on the web

Google introduced A tool that greatly simplifies finding and removing user contact information from search results. The search giant sends alerts to users whenever it finds information about their real address, phone number, or email address on the web. The user can familiarize themselves with this information and then request its removal from the search results.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

In September last year, Google announced the “Results About You” feature, located in the toolbar of the search engine’s mobile and web versions. The company recently updated it and made the process of finding personal information more automated. After the user enters the required data in a special form, the search will automatically show sites that contain all matches with the specified parameters. After that, it is possible to view any page that contains the user’s personal data and, if necessary, send a request to remove it from the search results.

Previously, search engine users had to manually search the web for their personal information and then manually request it to be removed from the search results via the Google Help Desk each time. With the update of the Results About You tool, Google also added push notifications that notify users when new sources of their personal information emerge. After submitting a request to remove data from search results, users can also learn about the current status of such requests and the decisions made.

It should be clarified that the “Results about you” feature does not remove the user’s personal data from the web, only from Google search results. Other users can still find an individual’s personal information if they come across a website that hosts it. In addition, the function a number of restrictions and, for example, will not take any action to remove information related to search results originating from government agencies or educational institutions.

Currently, Results About You is only available to English-speaking users of Google Search in the United States. The company says it’s working on adding support for other languages ​​”soon” and making the feature available in other countries.

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