The Google boss announced the layoff of 12000 employees

The Google boss announced the layoff of 12,000 employees

Google CEO Sundar Pichai approached the company open letter, in which he announced that he intends to lay off around 12,000 employees. Comprehensive support is promised to all those who have lost their jobs.

    Image source: Sundar Pichai

Image source: Sundar Pichai

The Google CEO justified his decision with macroeconomic factors: Two years ago, with the emergence of the pandemic, the company entered a period of strong growth and was therefore forced to expand its workforce, but now the search giant is facing a very different economic reality . The search giant considers the development of artificial intelligence technologies a priority of its future activities, so Google management had to conduct a thorough analysis of the situation, and the list of employees to be cut was the result of this review.

All employees in the United States have already received resignation letters – the timing of their transfer to employees in other countries depends on local conditions. Severance pay for former US employees is 16 weeks salary plus two weeks for each year at Google. They will also be paid bonuses for 2022 and vacation credits. Former employees from the United States are insured six months in advance, receive job placement services and immigration papers. Employees in other countries are supported according to local conditions.

Finally, Mr. Pichai reiterated that artificial intelligence technologies remain a priority for Google, even at the expense of other areas. Commitment to this policy has enabled the company to raise the quality of its products to unprecedented heights, and it can also help it overcome the looming economic difficulties.


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