The global space strategy Terra Invicta from the authors of

The global space strategy Terra Invicta from the authors of the mod XCOM: Long War will enter Early Access before the end of the month

Hooded Horse Publisher and developer of independent American studio Pavonis Interactive (XCOM: Long War Mod) announced Release date for its global space strategy, Terra Invicta.

    Image source: Pavonis Interactive

Image source: Pavonis Interactive

Remember that in early 2016, Pavonis Interactive (then Long War Studios) announced the development of its first standalone game. The project went through kickstarters (fall 2020) and more than once postponed.

As has been revealed, Terra Invicta early access will open its doors for Steam and GOG users on September 26th this year. The announcement was accompanied by a 30-second gameplay teaser (attached below).

In an announcement accompanying the announcement, Pavonis Interactive acknowledges that the journey has been long. team “incredibly grateful” to everyone who has supported and taken an interest in Terra Invicta over the years of development.

According to the plot, extraterrestrial forces are once announced in the solar system. If they fail to unite, humanity will be divided into seven hostile factions, one of which is to be led by the player.

“Will you submit to your new alien masters, fight to maintain human dominance, or will you travel far to the stars and leave these petty squabbles behind?” — List available authoring options.

The developers promise an evolving strategic map, a global research system, difficult decisions and real-time tactical battles (with the ability to pause the battle).

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