The GitHub Copilot chat bot beta is available to all

The GitHub Copilot chat bot beta is available to all users

GitHub, a Microsoft-owned company, has expanded access to its AI assistant for programmers, Copilot Chat. Now the tool is available not only to development teams but also to regular users. Copilot Chat lets you learn new programming languages, solve technical problems, and get answers to programming questions without leaving the Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code integrated development environments.

    Image source: GitHub

Image source: GitHub

Copilot Chat is an AI assistant that answers programming questions from programmers. The service first launched in July in a public beta for business users. Now it is available to ordinary users and will help them not only find errors in the code, but also learn new programming languages ​​​​and frameworks and answer questions in a simple and understandable form.

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To use the new tool, you must register. GitHub offers an individual subscription that costs $10 per month or $100 per year.

The market for chatbots for programmers continues to grow, and other companies such as Google and Amazon are also offering their own AI services to their users. Google introduced its Android Developer Assistant at Google I/O in May, and Amazon has developed a tool called CodeWhisperer.

Expanding access to Copilot Chat highlights the growing influence of AI in software development. The tool not only facilitates the process of creating code, but also opens new horizons for training and improving the skills of programmers of various levels. We can assume that in the future such solutions will become an integral part of the arsenal of every developer and will help improve the efficiency and quality of work in this area.

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