The GeForce RTX 4090 was overclocked to 3825 MHz and

The GeForce RTX 4090 was overclocked to 3825 MHz and set a new absolute record in Unigine Superposition 8K

Overclocker CENS repeated the feat of his Galax colleagues, overclocking the GPU of the Colorful GeForce RTX 4090 iGame LAB graphics card to a frequency of 3825 MHz. At the same time, the enthusiast set a new absolute record for a single GPU in the Unigine Superposition benchmark at 8K resolution.

    Image source: CENS / Twitter

Image source: CENS / Twitter

Remember this in November reportedthat the GPU of the GALAX HOF GeForce RTX 4090 broke the 3825 MHz mark in the GPUPI test, which was the highest clock rate that a GPU has ever achieved. However, it is important to note that GPUPI is not a 3D test, it is a calculation of Pi based on the performance of the GPU. For 3D workloads, GPUs typically run at lower frequencies.

The Unigine Superposition Test is not a gaming test either, but a full-fledged 3D test that can make many cards, especially those with an 8K profile, sweat. Overclockers CENS set a world record for this single GPU benchmark with the recently released GeForce RTX 4090 iGame LAB, Colorful’s flagship graphics accelerator tuned for extreme overclocking – 18,701 points.

Based on the screenshots provided by CENS, the card was clocked at 3825MHz during testing. The graphics card was paired with an Intel Core i9-13900K and liquid nitrogen cooling was used, cooling the GPU to -192 °C. Perhaps the enthusiast will also present a new absolute record for the frequency for the GPU in the future.

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