The game is getting better and better The release trailer

“The game is getting better and better”: The release trailer and the new gameplay of the Separate Ways supplement to the Resident Evil 4 remake thrilled fans

In anticipation of Capcom’s upcoming premiere published Release trailer for the add-on “Separate Ways” for the remake of the cult action game Resident Evil 4 and several portals shared videos of the gameplay of the add-on.

    Image source: Capcom

Image source: Capcom

Separate Ways tells the adventures of the spy Ada Wong in parallel with the main plot of Resident Evil 4. In the remake version, the heroine will have a grappling hook, which will be useful both when moving around the world and in battle.

In the comments to the release trailer, fans noted the return of elements from the original Resident Evil 4 cut from the Separate Ways remake, including a ski lift, a corridor with lasers, and so on. “The game keeps getting better”believes Israel Pereira.

As for the new gameplay, about six minutes of Separate Ways gameplay were released without comment by the Japanese portal Dengeki Online. A similar video in English can be found at VGCbut with voiceover.

In the released gameplay clip, Ada travels through the castle with a grappling hook, helps Leon get rid of annoying villagers, fights common enemies and even the giant El Gigante.

Separate Ways will go on sale on September 21st for all Resident Evil 4 remake target platforms – PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S. The add-on costs $10 (the base game costs $60 U.S. dollar).

On the same day as Separate Ways, the Resident Evil 4 remake is receiving a free update for Mercenaries mode. The patch adds two characters: Ada Wong and her employer Albert Wesker.

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