The future iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have been

The future iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have been predicted to be defective due to issues with the production of displays by LG

Apple has encountered difficulties manufacturing displays for the iPhone 15 Pro and “Pro” Max, which could cause shortages of the devices when it’s scheduled to launch in September. New Apple smartphones were supposed to get a thinner frame than the iPhone 14 Pro models, which caused problems. Apple had a similar issue with the 2019 Apple Watch Series 7 display magnification, delaying the release by about a month.

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To reduce bezels, Apple’s suppliers are using a new display manufacturing process that doesn’t appear to be well-adapted yet, and LG Display’s screens are experiencing issues. LG displays don’t pass reliability tests on the connection with their metal housing. LG’s display design is currently being finalized. Additionally, Apple may be using Samsung displays that do not have this issue.

Experts believe that Apple is unlikely to delay the release of the “iPhone 15 Pro” and “Pro” Max, but predict a possible shortage of new devices at launch. The display issue is expected to hit the “iPhone 15 Pro” Max hardest, and it looks set to be the hardest device to acquire at launch.

It’s not the first time that customers have struggled with device shortages and days-long waits in stores when launching a new iPhone model. It looks like Apple is facing a decline in profits and revenue in the holiday quarter.

Previously, analysts had predicted a delay in the release of Apple’s iPhone 15 lineup by several weeks, but didn’t explain why. Experts now agree that Apple will start shipping its new smartphones in September, as expected. Rumor has it that the iPhone 15 Pro‌ lineup is currently in the manufacturing risk mitigation phase at Foxconn, which aims to identify and eliminate potential manufacturing defects. Mass production is expected to begin in August.

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