The fun received was reduced by 140 Players criticized the

“The fun received was reduced by 140%”: Players criticized the 1.1.0 patch for Diablo IV and Blizzard promised to respond to the claims

In anticipation of the launch of Season 1, users of the fantasy RPG action game Diablo IV received a major patch 1.1.0. The changes in player balance introduced by the large-scale update anger and even outrage.

    Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The patch weakened all classes (casters were particularly unlucky), increased the difficulty of Infernal Onslaught, reduced experience gained for killing high-level monsters, critical damage, damage to vulnerable targets, and so on.

Created by a Reddit forum user aka TheMorals Topic with criticism of the patch scored nearly 20,000 favorable ratings: “[Прогресс] in the game and wasn’t lightning quick before, but now it’s a real drag.”.

    Image Source: Twitter (RybanzTV)

Image Source: Twitter (RybanzTV)

“Fixed an issue that caused players to enjoy the game. The fun received has been reduced by 140%. Viewership reduced by 70%”reads out the comic description of the patch (see screenshot above) from RybanzTV Twitter.

Now gamers threaten removal Diablo IV after thatruins all the fun» Patch – for example for Baldur’s Gate 3. On Reddit appeared a comic video in which the wizard teleports to a random location to the Larian Studios game.

Just tested the new Sorcerer Unique. It’s honestly not that bad.
from u/Filipjfry10 In diablo4

Blizzard has already responded to the strong criticism from the community: Community work leader Adam Fletcher (Adam Fletcher) promisedthat the creators will host a stream on July 21st where they will discuss the players’ claims.

Despite the quick reaction, the fans are looking forward to the upcoming broadcast with determination. skeptical: “They will say they are listening and nothing will change”. Meanwhile, the season of plague begins on July 20th.

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