The Front Mission 2 remake comes almost 26 years after

The Front Mission 2 remake comes almost 26 years after the original game

A little over a year ago, as part of the February issue of Nintendo Direct, remakes of the first two parts of Front Mission were announced for the Nintendo Switch. And now Forever Entertainment has confirmed that Front Mission 2: Remake will be released on June 12th this year.

    Image Credit: Forever Entertainment

Image Credit: Forever Entertainment

A remake of the second part will offer players improved graphics, improved controls and re-recorded soundtracks. The developers have also added support “many” new languages.

The original Front Mission 2, developed by Storm Trident, was based on G-Craft’s Front Mission Second for the first PlayStation. The project was only released in Japan in 1997. The upcoming remake will also feature three new characters with their own backstories.

The events of the Front Mission sequel take place in the future world, where wars are fought using giant machines – Wanzers.

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