The frequency of the cheap Intel Celeron G6900 was increased

The frequency of the cheap Intel Celeron G6900 was increased by 57%, and the Core i3-12100 was able to overclock the Ryzen 5 5600X when overclocking

Enthusiast Roman “der8auer” Hartung continues to experiment with low-end Intel Alder Lake processors. Previously, he showed how to overclock undesignated Alder Lake processors with a locked multiplier. Today Der8auer posted a video showing how the cheapest Alder Lake, a dual-core Intel Celeron G6900, was overclocked to 5338MHz using the same method, which is 57% faster than the stock frequency.

Image source: Der8auer

Image source: Der8auer

As previously reported, Der8auer discovered that some ASUS motherboards based on the Intel Z690 chipset allow you to change the BCLK bus frequency. This is only possible with a normal Alder Lake processor, without the “K” in the name. As it turns out, the rule works on the recent Alder Lake models as well.

The Intel Celeron G6900 does not support multi-threading technology. The processor works at a frequency of 3.4 GHz. Der8auer used a ROG Maximus Z690 Apex motherboard for overclocking, on which he increased the BCLK bus frequency to 157 MHz via the BIOS. As a result, the Celeron G6900 overclocked to 5338 MHz on two cores with a x34 multiplier.

1642439629 872 The frequency of the cheap Intel Celeron G6900 was increased

The chip didn’t benefit much from this as its total cache memory is only 4MB. The processor only achieves 1242 points in the single-threaded Cinebench R20 test.

In the same video, Der8auer used the same method to overclock the Core i3-12100 processor to 5.4 GHz across all four cores, which is about 26% above the maximum frequency specified by the manufacturer for this chip. Thanks to this, the Intel processor was able to come close to the six-core AMD Ryzen 5 5600X in terms of performance in the multi-threaded Cinebench R20 test. Remember that the cost of the Core i3-12100 is more than once lower than the latter – $122 and $299, respectively.

1642439630 359 The frequency of the cheap Intel Celeron G6900 was increased

For all overclocking tests, Der8auer used Corsair’s Hydro X Series XC7 Pro liquid cooling system and Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme thermal compound. Summarizing the results, the enthusiast stated that he was very impressed with what he saw. He added that he hasn’t seen such overclocking percentages since the Intel LGA 775 platform era.



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