The free LibreOffice suite is available on the Mac App

The free LibreOffice suite is available on the Mac App Store for $8.99

The non-profit organization Document Foundation, which develops the LibreOffice suite of applications, has decided to charge for a version of its software. This is a version that can be downloaded from the store. Mac App Store for Apple computers.

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LibreOffice is a fork of OpenOffice and is offered free and open source under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. However, when implementing it via the Apple Mac App Store, the developer chose to charge $8.99 Side? site Project. This amount is mentioned in the Document Foundation “an auxiliary commission <..>which is invested to support the development of the LibreOffice project”. According to the developer, the paid version is the most suitable “End users who want to get all desktop software through Apple’s proprietary distribution channel”.

It should be noted that the ability to download LibreOffice for macOS for free from the project website remains, and this version is more complete – it contains Java. The Document Foundation reminded that the Apple Store does not allow placing programs with dependencies, so the $8.99 version from the Mac App Store will also be without Java.

Until recently, Collabora, an open-source support service, also sold LibreOffice on the store but offered to pay $10 for it and bundle support for three years. Italo Vignoli, marketing representative of the Document Foundation, thanked Collabora for the cooperation and explained the latest changes “New Marketing Strategy”.

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