The fourth electric car Jaguar I Pace spontaneously caught fire in

The fourth electric car Jaguar I-Pace spontaneously caught fire in the USA

In preparation for the announcement of its electric firstborn, the Jaguar brand took care of adequate protection of the traction battery and other elements of the power plant from harmful external influences. The I-Pace crossover received a ground clearance of 204 mm and the ability to cross a half-meter ford, but this did not save it from more frequent cases of spontaneous combustion.

    Image Credit: Electrek, Gonzalo Salazar

Image Credit: Electrek, Gonzalo Salazar

resource electric acted as a mouthpiece spreading information about this unsavory trend, while reminding that internal combustion engine cars are no less likely to catch fires, but public opinion is more vigilant about EVs from this perspective. As with the Chevrolet Bolt EV, the Jaguar I-Pace crossovers feature LG Energy Solution (LG Chem) traction batteries in a package design.

The source speaks of the fourth known case of self-ignition of the Jaguar I-Pace electric car in the parking lot. In this case, the owner of a 2019 Florida car took a short trip this June after charging the traction battery overnight, then returned home in a crossover and parked it in the garage. Some time later, the car owner heard a loud bang from the garage and noticed that thick smoke was coming from this room. After driving the car into the area, the owner of the crossover first contacted Jaguar technical service and after the appearance of open flames called the fire department. Although the fire brigade managed to suppress the open combustion by filling the electric car with special foam, an alarming rumble could still be heard under the hood of the car for a long time.

The insurance company acknowledged the complete destruction of the electric vehicle by the fire, and Jaguar’s US representative declined to collect the “remains” of the vehicle, although it announced it would need its own investigation, citing the risk of reignition. In the case of GM’s recall of all Chevrolet Bolt EVs sold in the US, there were 17 incidents of fire under similar circumstances. Just over 50,000 Jaguar I-Pace crossovers were produced and spontaneous combustion occurred in four cases. Whether this will result in another recall is hard to say for sure, but the media publicity will certainly help.

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