The founders of LinkedIn and DeepMind have launched a caring

The founders of LinkedIn and DeepMind have launched a caring Pi AI bot ready to listen and offer friendly advice

California-based Inflection AI has released the Pi chatbot, a very talkative AI that can give people advice throughout the day and is more of a friend-interlocutor than a tool to help with work.

    Image source: Alexandra_Koch/

Image source: Alexandra_Koch/

Pi was developed by Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of Google DeepMind, in collaboration with Reid Hoffman, co-founder and investor of LinkedIn. Before leaving Google, Suleiman led the team responsible for integrating LaMDA’s large language model with Google Search. In particular, the Bard chatbot was built based on the model.

While the Pi runs on a large language model similar to other modern generative AIs, it is much more “compact” and designed not so much to solve various problems as to teach the user empathy. The model remembers as much as possible about the user, gives them emotional support and practical advice – roughly the same chatbots can also be found in science fiction. When asked by Silicon Angle journalists what makes it different from other chatbots, Pi replied that it’s not a chatbot. “I’m a conversational AI, which means I can have more natural and interesting conversations.”, said Pi.

According to the developers, the system will create a warm atmosphere in communication between humans and AI. If you tell the latter that you’re going to watch a movie or play basketball, he’ll later ask how it went. In addition, Pi is able to return to an old topic if it is relevant to a new conversation.

The authors of the project are sure that many people simply need someone to respond to what they are told – just to feel heard. At the same time, AI is not a substitute for a doctor or a romantic partner, for example. Also, an early version of the Pi can make mistakes, and people shouldn’t rely solely on the bot’s information.

Web version of the chatbot already available on all platforms, but so far only speaks English, although he promises to explore more languages ​​in the future. The Pi is completely free to use.

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