The founder of Nothing spoke about the prospects of the

The founder of Nothing spoke about the prospects of the Phone (2) smartphone and planned its release in July

Nothing co-founder Carl Pei gave an exclusive interview to Forbes. The first thing Pei said was that building a smartphone is not for the faint of heart. “The smartphone industry is undoubtedly one of the most complex in the world. We have witnessed the failure of many well-known companies.”. In fact, Amazon, LG, HTC or Siemens no longer make smartphones. Regardless, Pei is confident that nothing stands a chance.

    Image Credit: Nothing Tech

Image Credit: Nothing Tech

With Nothing, we aim to bring excitement back to the industry by creating great products that feel special, different and fun.‘ he says. The first Nothing smartphone got off to a good start, selling around 750,000 units, about half of first-generation iPhone sales.

Pei regularly uses the iPhone as a reference. In his opinion, “Apple is constantly gaining ground over Android and there isn’t really an interesting alternative right now, especially for the younger generation.” Nothing claims to have one of the highest user transition rates from iOS to Android, three to four times that of other manufacturers.

Pei noted the many concept designs online inspired by Nothing products and the appearance of Nothing Phone-style gadgets from well-known brands (1). Apple has shown a similar enthusiasm for new design concepts in the past. And transparent gadgets inspired by the Nothing phone are all the rage right now, like Apple Beats’ latest Studio Buds+ headphones.

Pei sees the US market as the most promising for the new Nothing Phone (2). He is sure that the younger generation in search of new experiences is ready to try original novelties, regardless of the importance of the manufacturer. “Given the fact that there is practically no real alternative in the US market “Apple, this represents a good opportunity for Phone (2)” – he added.

In addition, Carl Pei shared his thoughts on the choice of technical “equipment” for the upcoming smartphone: “Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 is a proven processor. It has been extensively tested and optimized in the year since its release. We prioritize user experience over first place in the spec competition. The cost of the latest technology is not always justified in terms of user benefits. This is ensured by the choice of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Phone (2) remains available and offers a significantly improved experience compared to its predecessor.”.

Nothing’s novelty gets a battery with a capacity of 4700 mAh, which is just over 4500 mAh for the Phone (1). But combined with the efficiency of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, the performance can be increased by 80% compared to the Phone(1). Note that the battery capacity of Phone (2) is much higher than that of the latest iPhone 14 Pro (3200 mAh) and even iPhone 14 Pro Max (4323 mAh).

At the end of his story, Pei shared information about the planned release date of the new smartphone. The worldwide release of Nothing Phone (2) is scheduled for July.

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