The former Twitter will break even in early 2024 says

The former Twitter will break even in early 2024, says CEO X

Even before the appointment of Linda Yaccarino as CEO, the company has fallen sharply over the past year. The current management of X is convinced that it will be possible to break even at the beginning of next year.

    Image source: Jason Alden, Bloomberg

Image source: Jason Alden, Bloomberg

Speech at Code’s Annual Conference, Chapter X Linda Yaccarino emphasizedthat the social network is a safe advertising platform from a brand reputation perspective. Compared to last year, 90 percent of Twitter’s former top 100 advertisers have already returned to the platform, she said. In the last 12 weeks alone, the social network managed to win back around 1,500 advertisers, she made clear.

Recall that Linda Yaccarino has extensive experience in the advertising side of the media business, which is why Elon Musk hired her to lead Company X in order to restore advertising cash flow. This month he admitted that the platform’s advertising revenue in the US had fallen by 60%. The company’s CEO explained that X is now guided by freedom of expression and also objected to the comment about the company’s alleged hostility towards advertisers.

Elon Musk continues to actively interfere in the activities of Employees laid off last year have also filed claims against X’s management, so possible payouts in these cases could jeopardize the company’s finances.

X has introduced additional content moderation tools as well as mechanisms to prevent ads from appearing next to inappropriate content, Yaccarino said. According to the company boss, the staff of specialists who deal with the implementation of advertising and content control has also been expanded since the transformation at Twitter last year. In addition, contractors also monitor the content of publications on X-sites.

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