The flagship Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max was in short

The flagship Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max was in short supply due, among other things, to difficulties in producing the camera module

Already in the first days of accepting orders for the latest generation of Apple smartphones, it became apparent that the waiting time for the flagship model iPhone 15 Pro Max would last until mid-November, but experts explain that this is not only due to high demand , but also technological difficulties in the manufacture of the periscope-type camera module, which debuted in this generation of devices.

    Image source: Medium

Image source: Medium

The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in his blog specifiedthat a compact quad-prism camera module supplied exclusively by LGIT was the reason for the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s shortage. In order to ensure a sufficient yield of suitable products in this area, Apple has urgently increased the requirements for the technical characteristics of the lens system supplied by Largan. This change should reduce the error rate when assembling camera modules.

In this situation, Largan had to increase the production volumes of the lens system for the camera module of the iPhone 15 Pro Max; In this case, the costs for the optics had to be increased by more than 20% in order to cover the costs incurred. This will have a positive impact on Largan’s sales and profits. No optics manufacturer can yet compete with Largan in this area, and the analyst assumes that next year Largan will remain the only supplier in the production of telephoto camera modules with four prisms in the optical system for the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Morgan Stanley experts addedCustomer wait times for delivery of the iPhone 15 Pro Max average five to six weeks, the longest wait of any iPhone model released in the last seven years. In China, according to sources, demand for the iPhone 15 family was higher than expected, which was reinforced by rumors that Chinese authorities intend to ban the use of Apple products by government officials and employees of state-owned companies in the performance of official duties. In the US, long wait times for iPhone 15 Pro Max orders indicate both high demand and difficulties producing smartphones in the required quantities. Such demand dynamics should contribute to the growth of Apple’s share price in the medium term, as representatives from Morgan Stanley summarize.

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