The first wave of spread of 5G technologies outside the smartphone segment has begun in the world

The rollout of super-fast 5G networks is expected to usher in a new era not only for smartphones – the technology has numerous applications, from video games in truly high-quality virtual reality to remote heart surgery. In the meantime, the world is experiencing the first wave – the widespread introduction of simpler technologies based on fifth generation communications has begun.



Among the first market segments affected by the development of 5G is wireless broadband Internet, which allows completely abandoning both cable TV and wired communications in general. For example, Samsung Electronics has teamed up with mobile operator Verizon in the US to provide customers with 5G routers that provide broadband in their homes — the routers receive 5G signals just like smartphones.

Some markets already have 5G-compatible laptops that offer faster connections than their 4G rivals. New items allow you to watch videos in high quality without delay, as well as perform many more serious tasks. For example, Lenovo teamed up with AT&T in August to launch the ThinkPad X13 5G 5G laptop with a 13.3-inch display (which costs around $ 1,500 in some markets). In June, Samsung also introduced the Galaxy Book Go 5G laptop with a 14-inch display for $ 800.

It’s not just about small gadgets. Monaco-based internet service provider for multi-deck yachts Meridian 5G has unveiled a complex called the 5G Dome Router, a combination of antennas, modems and other electronics that provides passengers with 5G connectivity up to 60 miles offshore. The equipment for a mid-sized yacht costs about $ 17,000.



Of course, all these new items will only work where there is access to 5G networks. This also applies to the new platform for drones, presented in August by Qualcomm with an integrated artificial intelligence system. The technology, dubbed the Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform, enables real-time photo and video collections of much better quality than drones today.

5G drones can be used in many areas, including film production, mapping, emergency services such as firefighters. In particular, thanks to the support of 5G, the drone on the Qualcomm platform can be used in real time to draw up maps of large areas and quickly transfer them to the control center for analysis and processing.

Proponents of 5G argue that the technology will completely change many areas of daily life thanks to the benefits of the Internet of Things – almost any device from home technology to industrial and medical equipment, transportation, will be connected to high-speed networks.

“The goal of 5G, when we have a mature global 5G network, is to ensure that everything is connected to the cloud 100% of the time.”, – declare in Qualcomm. At the same time, analysts estimate that it will take years for the widespread adoption of 5G devices, the scope of application will expand as the coverage areas increase and the markets for new products develop.

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