The first photos of the components of Apples alleged augmented

The first photos of the components of Apple’s alleged augmented reality headset have surfaced

June is just around the corner when it comes to production planning for new electronic devices, so don’t be surprised if you see the first photos on Twitter of components said to be linked to Apple’s augmented reality headset, which will be announced this month . Previous images only allow a glimpse of the outlines of the future device.

    Image source: MacRumors, Twitter

Image source: MacRumors, Twitter

As explained MacRumorsThe photos surfaced on one of the hidden from the public Twitter pages, which has a reputation for disseminating reliable information about the components of future Apple products. One of the images shows two trains shaped like the outlines of a pair of glasses. It is possible that they are used to connect the device’s displays to the circuit board.

    Image source: MacRumors, Twitter

Image source: MacRumors, Twitter

The second image shows two elongated loops connecting some sensors or cameras in series. Rumor has it that the device’s camera array is used not only to create an accurate picture of the surrounding world, but also to track the user’s eyes. Earlier it was reported that production of the headset will start in China in February, so leaked images of the components for this Apple device could be real. In any case, even after the announcement in June, the novelty will not be launched immediately, but only in the fall.

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