The first new marathon since 1996 from the creators of

The first new marathon since 1996 from the creators of Halo and Destiny will be a PvP shooter in the spirit of Escape from Tarkov

Before Destiny and Halo, Bungie, now owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment, was known for its other sci-fi shooter Marathon. More than 25 years after the release of the last part (it was 1996) announced new game of the series.

    Image Source: Bungie

Image Source: Bungie

The project was brilliantly named Marathon and is, as insider Tom Henderson predicted, an evacuation PvP shooter in the style of the infamous Escape from Tarkov.

As cybernetic mercenaries nicknamed “Runner”, players explore a forgotten colony on the mysterious planet Tau Ceti IV in search of alien artifacts, valuables, weapons and equipment.

They promise intense gameplay for one- and three-man squads, dynamic (player actions have consequences) and story-rich online world, cross-play, and transfer of progress between platforms.

Marathon will be available for PC, PS5, Xbox Series “Bold Visual Style”.

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