The first Intel Raptor Lake Refresh processors will go on

The first Intel Raptor Lake Refresh processors will go on sale on October 17th

Desktop Intel Core processors announcement 14th generation (Raptor Lake Refresh) is expected on September 19th as part of the planned Intel Innovation 2023 conference. However, the new chips will only go on sale a month after the presentation.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

According to the VideoCardz portal, citing manufacturer sources, Intel will start selling new processors on October 17. On the same day, trade media and tech bloggers can publish reviews of these new products. A day earlier, on October 16, Intel will lift the ban on advertising publications. In other words, from this day onwards, stores will start accepting pre-orders for new chips.

It’s important to keep in mind that an announcement is expected in September, and sales of only six models of the Raptor Lake Refresh processors – with the “K” and “KF” suffixes – will begin in October. Both series have full overclocking support and the KF chips do not have an integrated graphics core. Therefore, the release of the 24-core flagship Core i9-14900K and 14900KF, the 20-core Core i7-14700K and 14700KF, and the 14-core Core i5-14600K and 14600KF are expected. These chips have a nominal TDP of 125W. The announcement and release of the 65W Raptor Lake Refresh models without the “K” and “KF” suffixes will most likely occur at the CES 2024 electronics trade show in January next year.

    Image source: VideoCardz

Image source: VideoCardz

In addition to Raptor Lake Refresh, Innovation 2023 is also expected to announce the announcement of Core Ultra (Meteor Lake) mobile processors and possibly mobile versions of the updated Raptor Lake Refresh. The company may also release updated information about the current and future series of its Arc discrete graphics cards.


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