The first devices with Qi2 wireless charging are about to

The first devices with Qi2 wireless charging are about to be launched on the market – certification is almost complete

Organization WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) reportedthat the first devices that support the Qi2 wireless charging standard are already going through the certification process in order to go on sale “by the Christmas season”. About a hundred more are either being tested or waiting their turn, and the first phones with Qi2 certification will be devices in the iPhone 15 series.

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Qi is an open standard for wireless charging that is supported by both iPhones and Android smartphones. The updated Qi2 promises higher performance and includes the installation of magnets both in charging stations and in smartphones and other devices to properly align the coils: Apple’s contribution to the standard was the Magnetic Power Profile technology, based on its own MagSafe solution . Qi2 offers up to 15W of power for all compatible devices, a step forward in all segments. Traditional Qi chargers charge iPhones at 7.5W, while 15W is only available on more expensive chargers called MagSafe. Android smartphones typically charge at 9-10W on the same Qi devices, and when connected to MagSafe they get no more than 5W.

The Qi v2.0 standard includes two profiles: the improved Extended Power Profile (EPP) and the Magnetic Power Profile (MPP), introduced by Apple based on MagSafe. Devices that support the first profile but do not have magnets will receive the Qi logo, and the Qi2 marking will only appear on chargers that support both solutions. At the same time, I clarified the resource The edge WPC Marketing Director Paul Golden, all devices of the Qi v2.0 standard will be compatible: a magnetic charger will be able to charge a gadget without magnets and vice versa.

Many accessory manufacturers have already announced Qi2 chargers, including Anker, Belkin and Mophie, but these require certification before they can be brought to market. The first must complete the process at the end of this week – after which they will be entered into the Qi database.

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