The first consumer PCIe Gen5 SSD is very noisy

The first consumer PCIe Gen5 SSD is very noisy

Japanese enthusiast @momomo_us was one of the first to grab and test a PCIe Gen5 SSD. We’re talking about the drive company CFD Gaming, which became one of the first consumer NVMe SSDs with support for the latest interface.

    Image source: momomo_us / Twitter

Image source: momomo_us / Twitter

Although PCIe Gen5 motherboards have been on the market for over a year, SSD manufacturers have been slow to release compatible devices. The 2TB CFD gaming drive uses a radiator for cooling. During testing, it ran at very high speeds and made a lot of noise.

The enthusiast found that the SSD cooler is much noisier than the stock Intel cooler for the Core i7-13700K processor, which was also used during testing. This is probably due to the fact that the drive was actively used during the test and overheating would have been unavoidable without active cooling. The drive will likely be quieter for everyday tasks, but users should expect a noticeable increase in noise when moving large amounts of data.

Tests in CrystalDiskMark confirmed the drive’s ability to deliver sequential reads and writes at 10Gb/s as claimed by the manufacturer. Note that this reading and writing speed indicator is relevant only for a 2TB drive. CFD’s smaller capacity PCIe Gen5 drive models support read and write speeds of up to 9.5 Gb/s, which also looks pretty impressive.

In terms of cost, a 2TB CFD SSD with PCIe Gen5 support costs around $385 in Japan.

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