The fight has begun the author of Disco Elysium sued

The fight has begun: the author of Disco Elysium sued the studio ZA/UM

On the official website of the Estonian court discovered a record revealing that Disco Elysium’s lead game designer Robert Kurvitz (Robert Kurvitz) was suing Studio ZA/UM. We previously reported that the game’s lead authors left the company at the end of 2021.

    Image source: 3DNews

Image source: 3DNews

Robert Kurvits filed a lawsuit on behalf of his own company, Telomer OÜ. The defendant is Zaum Studio OÜ. The hearing is scheduled for November 28 this year. But what it will be about is not exactly known.

Earlier this month, ZA/UM editor and co-founder Martin Luiga announced that investors have stepped in and changed the nature of the studio. This led to arguments between them and key employees, who were eventually “demanded” to leave.

So the makers of Disco Elysium, including the creator of the idea, senior game designer and screenwriter Robert Kurvits, screenwriter Helen Hindpere, art director Alexander Rostov, and editor Martin Luiga, left ZA/UM. It is not known whether anyone else has left the studio. Kurvitz may want to challenge the intellectual property rights to Disco Elysium that ZA/UM still holds.

Disco Elysium was released on PC in 2019, followed by a release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2020 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch in 2021.

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