The fight goes on the creators of Disco Elysium accused

The fight goes on: the creators of Disco Elysium accused the ZA/UM studio of lying

Disco Elysium lead game designer Robert Kurvitz and art director Alexander Rostov in a statement to the portal commented on the latest statements from studio ZA/UM.

    Image Source: Steam (iBigot)

Image Source: Steam (iBigot)

ZA/UM recently reported that Kurvits and Rostov withdrew their wrongful dismissal lawsuit due to lack of evidence. The developers denied this and emphasized that they remain minority shareholders in the studio.

“We view our sacking as part of a broader campaign against us. Accordingly, we will use all legal options available to us.”— said Kurvits with Rostov.

    Kompus and Haavel (Image source: Baltic News Service)

Kompus and Haavel (Image source: Baltic News Service)

Kurvitz and Rostov also pledged that they would not follow the path of Disco Elysium executive producer Kaur Kender, who withdrew his lawsuit against ZA/UM, believing it to be wrong.

Kurvitz and Rostov believe that Kender was involved in a fraudulent plan to acquire ZA/UM along with shareholders Ilmar Kompus and Tõnis Haavel, who had previously been convicted of investment fraud.

    Image source: ZA/UM

Image source: ZA/UM

According to the developers, Kender’s lawsuit concerned Compus and Haavel’s misuse of ZA/UM finances (€4.8 million), in which they confessed and returned the stolen money to the studio, which does not quash the crime.

It is noteworthy that yesterday, March 16, Kurvitz and Rostov sent their statement to The day that Disco Elysium itself received an unexpected and somewhat strange content update for Collage mode.

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