The Federal Minister of the Interior threatened to block the

The Federal Minister of the Interior threatened to block the Telegram messenger

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has allowed Telegram to be blocked in the country if the messaging service, which has become popular with right-wing extremist groups and opponents of the pandemic-related restrictions, continues to violate German laws. According to the law on network security, the messenger is obliged to remove illegal content.

Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

“We can’t rule it out – she said in an interview with the weekly newspaper Die Zeit. – A closure would be serious and obviously a last resort. All other options must first be exhausted. “ She added that Germany was discussing the regulation of Telegram with its partners in the European Union.

Feather said many violations notifications had already been sent to Messenger, but there were issues with implementation, so the department decided to take control of this process.

In addition, Telegram has no representative or contact person in Germany. Last year the Federal Office of Justice imposed two fines on the company because there was no legally prescribed, easily recognizable and direct way to report illegal content and an authorized recipient of inquiries from courts in Germany was missing. Because of this, she faces high fines.

“Saying that we will end the service at some point has clearly been painful for any service provider. But we always have to watch what happens when the service is disabled – then another comes along and we face the same problem. Therefore, I do not rule out that we should step up our efforts in the legal area. “ – RIA Novosti quotes the Minister’s words.

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